How do you celebrate a significant yoga anniversary and help promote yoga in Sheffield? With a Yoga Flash Mob of course!

2011 is the 10th anniversary of the Sheffield and District Iyengar Yoga Association and to mark the occasion our members wanted to organise an event which would celebrate the birthday and help to promote Iyengar Yoga. So, on a rather cold but, thankfully, dry and sunny Saturday afternoon ten willing volunteers met to perform Sheffield’s very first Yoga Mob.

Flash mobs have become common place and if you’ve never experience one yourself you’re bound to have at least seen the popular T-Mobile adverts featuring a group of singers in a busy train station. The idea is to give an ‘impromptu’ performance in a public place, beginning with just one or two people and gradually growing until there is a group which performs their piece then disperses as though nothing unusual has happened.

Our Yoga Mob began with Iyengar teacher, Wendy Weller-Davis unrolling her mat in front of the Sheffield Peace Garden fountains and beginning Surya Namaska (sun salutation). Wendy was soon joined by others and led us through a 10 minute routine of poses including trikonasana, parsvakonasana and ardha chandrasana (which could easily have gone wrong!) before we picked up our mats and calmly walked away.

A good crowd gathered to watch, with some even joining in, and with the fountains in the background and the sun shining we all had a great time!

Check out the photos below – the official video will be coming soon!