Stress related illness is one of the most common workplace ailments in the UK and long periods working at computers can cause stiffness, back pain and repetitive strain injury which impacts on our lives and leads to more days taken off work due to ill-health.

Iyengar Yoga can help relieve symptoms of stress by providing a time for self-reflection and relaxation and can help to iron out aches and pains by stretching the body and improving posture. So whether you are an employer who would like a happier, healthier workforce or an employee who would like to take more exercise and have fun with your colleagues, yoga can help!

Yoga to You offer group classes in the workplace adapted to suit your own requirements. We can provide regular classes to energise you at the start of the day, relax you at the end of the day or even fit into your lunch break. Alternatively we can offer one-off introductory workshops which will help employees understand how to improve posture and give ideas for simple stretches that can be done at the desk or at home.

We can provide yoga mats and equipment, all you need to provide is the space! So why not make use of that empty meeting room and book a class today?

For more information or to make a booking, please contact us.


£30 per hour or book 5 classes for £120*.

(Cost may vary depending on size of class and location. Price given based on 6 people and travel within 5 miles of Sheffield City Centre. Extra costs can be negotiated on booking)